Dear overseas fans,
This website is for our PC game “AMAYAKASE.”
We'd like to thank you very much for accessing it.

We are releasing an English version of “AMAYAKASE”
for our international customers through our publishing partner,

Please visit the J-List Store and JAST USA website
from following URL below:

As for additional information,JAST USA is also offering
an anya’s Dakimakura set, with a limited release of this autumn only!
You’d better check it out!

We hope you enjoy the English edition “AMAYAKASE”
and have fun with anya!

Supported Languages: English
Publisher: JAST USA
Price: $12.99
Release date:October 25th, 2019

(Attention. We do not sell English edition “AMAYAKASE”.)

(Caution. You can not access the JASTUSA website from Japan.)